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Hannah Snell: Female Warrior
a compelling dramatization based on the life of Hannah Snell, an 18C British woman who served for four years in the navy as a man.

Gender Play
four characters and a director navigate the limitations of having only three possible roles to be cast in at birth: male, female or other.

Lavender’s Blue
commissioned by the Anti-Violence program of the 519 Community Centre in Toronto, ON, Lavender’s Blue explores the issue of violence in same-sex relationships.

 Dr. Constance Cumming Wants to Help You Get Laid!!
self-proclaimed sex expert and the world’s most arousing lesbian, Dr. Constance Cumming shares her know-how for “life in the quickie lane.”

Looking for Boysland
imagining the last few hours in the life of Brandon Teena, a transgendered American brutally murdered in Falls City, Nebraska on new year’s eve, 1993.

Holding: a poetic monologue
a woman’s life is on hold, waiting in a room beside a phone for one more furtive, tangled, desperate and doomed afternoon with her lover. 

Cabaret Works
an amusing variety of impertinent and ridiculous performance pieces, perfect for parties or fundraisers.

character photo
Hannah Snell


  A gripping, one woman performance.
-SEE Magazine