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I bring a wealth of experience to my work as an editor and writer, including a Master’s degree in English Literature, numerous professional development workshops and seminars, a lot of reading, and an informed perspective that respects the need for intelligent portrayals of ideas and identities. 

My foremost aim in editing — whether for fiction, non-fiction, academic works or technical writing — is clarity, while staying true to the original voice of the writer. 

Clients include or have included: Inside Out LGBT Film Festival; YWCA Edmonton; the Toronto Arts Foundation; the National Organization of Immigrant & Visible Minority Women; Queen West Community Health Centre; Regent Park Community Health Centre; UNESCO; the International Council for Adult Education; Resonance Creative Consultants; , the Ontario Public Service Employees Union; FUSE Magazine; and the Corporation of Yonge-Dundas Square in the City of Toronto.


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graphic by W. Wortsman

Writing is such a solitary career that any feedback is most welcome. Yours was wonderful and much appreciated.
-Maria Coletta McLean

It's very rare to see gender, disability issues, education and employment dealt with in such a clear and concise manner.
-Nancy Hansen

You have presented a difficult topic in a sensitive and moving way.
-E. Cockburn

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